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Wisdom Of Tuka-Ram

( Originally Published 1939 )

HE who calleth the stricken and heavily burdened his own is the man of God; truly the Lord must abide with him.

HE that taketh the unprotected to his heart and doeth to a servant the same kindness as to his own children, is assuredly the image of God.

IT is not hard to win salvation, for it may readily be found in the bundle on our back. If we will to have the delights of Faith, our desire shall be fulfilled. Thou, 0 God, givest to each his fit and meet portion; and I, acknowledging it to be good, gladly receive it. Thou mayst give me the world, as thou wilt; but give me a home for my love.

IF thou lookest on the wife of thy neighbour as on thy mother, what loss is there? If thou chidest not thy neighbours and covetest not their riches, prithee doth it hurt thee? If thou utterest Rama's name when thou sittest down, what toil is it? No other labours are needed for the winning of God.

WORSHIP with a clean and lowIy heart, keep a charitable spirit, do kindness according to your powers this is the easy way to heaven.

WHERE wilt Thou hide Thyself, my God, when I claim my portion? The Holy Ones bear witness to Thy promise; they know these tokens. I will be as a creditor sitting at Thy door, and will not let Thee come in.

I TAKE refuge with Thee, 0 God, with all my soul, in body, speech and thought. Naught else hath entrance into my mind; my desire is ever set upon Thee. A heavy burden do I bear; who can Iift it save Thee, my God? I am Thy slave, Thou art my Lord; I have followed Thee from afar. I have made a distraint for debt; let us meet for the payment of my reckoning.

IT is needless to lay a child in the mother's arms; she draweth it towards her by her own instinct. Wherefore should I take thought? He that hath the charge will bear the burden. Take no thought for thy body; the Mother will not suffer the child to be harmed.

I HAVE borne toil in order that my last day may be sweet; and now I have won assured repose. The unrest of desire is stilled within me. I rejoice in the outlay that I have made; by it I have gained good fortune. I have wedded the bride Salvation; now shall there be a four days revel.


THE True One was in the beginning; the True One was in the primal age.

The True One is now also, the True One also shall be.

By thinking I cannot obtain a conception of Him, even though I think hundreds of thousands of times.

Even though I be silent and keep my attention firmly fixed on Him, I cannot preserve silence. Hungry for God, my hunger ceaseth not though I obtain the load of the worlds.

If man should have thousands and hundreds of thousands of devices, even one would not assist him in obtaining God.

How shall man become true before God? How shall the veil of falsehood be rent?

By walking, according to the will of the Commander as preordained.

He is not established, nor is He created. The pure one existeth by Himself.

They who worshipped Him have obtained honour. Sing the praises of Him, who is the Treasure of excellences.

Sing and hear and put His love in your hearts. Thus shall your sorrows be removed, and you shall be absorbed in Him who is the abode of happiness.

If I knew Him, should I not describe Him? He cannot be described by words.

There is but one Bestower on all living beings; may I not forget Him!

Praisers praise God, but have not acquired a knowledge of Him,

As rivers and streams fall into the sea, but know not Its extent.

Kings and emperors who possess oceans and mountains of property and wealth

Are not equal to the worm which forgetteth not God in its heart.

Make contentment thine earrings, modesty and selfrespect thy valet, meditation the ashes to smear on thy body.

Make thy body, which is only a morsel for death, thy beggar's coat, and faith thy rule of life and thy staff.

Make the conquest of thy heart the conquest of the world.

Hail! Hail! to Him,

The primal, the pure, without beginning, the indestructible, the same in every age!


VISHNU, the Lord of Fortune, whose essence is absolute negation of aII evil, accordance with blessedness, and infinitude of knowledge and bliss who is an ocean of multitudes of bound. Iess and blest qualities of nature, to wit, transcendent knowledge, strength, majesty, vigour, power, and brilliance whose divine form is a mine of splendour, beauty, comeliness, youth, and other boundless qualities accordant with His will, uniform, inconceivable, godlike, marvellous, constant, flawless, and unsurpassed whose feet are everlastingly praised by countless saints accordant with His will in their essence, being, and activities, delighting solely in doing all service to Him, and possessing multitudes of infinite attributes, such as eternal, flawless, and unsurpassed knowledge, power, and empire whose dwelling is in the supreme heaven called The Imperishable, which is indefinable by speech or thought accordant with His nature, diverse, various, boundless, abundant in objects, means, and seats of delight, infinite in wondrousness, in splendour, and in extent, everlasting and flawless whose sport is the origination, maintenance and dissolution of the whole universe, full of endless diverse curious objects of enjoyment and multitudes of enjoyers who is the Supreme Brahma, Supreme Spirit, and Narayana,after having created the universe from Brahma down to stocks and stones, withdrew into His own nature, and thus became impervious to the meditations and worship of the gods, from Brahma downwards, and of mankind.

But as He is a great ocean of boundless grace.. kindness, love, and generosity, He assumed various similar forms without putting away His own essential godlike nature, and time after time incarnated Himself in the several worlds, granting to His worshippers rewards according to their desires, namely religion, riches, earthly love, and salvation, and descending not only with the purpose of relieving the burden of earth, but also to be accessible to men even such as we are, so revealing Himself in the world as to be visible to the sight of all, and doing such other marvellous deeds as to ravish the hearts and eyes of all beings high and low.

PURITY OF HEART--- Paramanancla

EVERYTHING IS conquered by the strength of a pure, unselfish character. When you have purity and unselfishness, nothing more is necessary to bring wisdom. There is naught else in this universe which can give more quickly peace and light to the soul than purity of body and thought; as also there is nothing more potent than impurity to bring the gloom of unhappiness over the soul. This has always been the same. It is the inevitable Iaw. Truth is one and unchangeable. It needs boldness to realize It, worship It and stand by It. Know this and be irresistible with the spirit of Truth and purity.

Know that in the Iong run Truth must succeed; it cannot be otherwise. Divine Mother's will is going to guide and not the human. Let people exercise their powers and have their experience. But those who are pure in heart, they alone will see the Divine glory. There is nothing like purity; its power is wonderful. Through it one gets almost unlimited vision. But it is very hard to gain. AIways value this rare jewel and guard it with all your might. But this is only possible for one who prays constantly to the Supreme Being and has obtained His mercy. Pray with humility and sincerity of heart, then you wiII never fail.

Remember always that purity and selfcontrol are the greatest treasures in life. Unless you have perfect control over the senses and purity of heart you cannot progress in the path of spirituality. But when you have these, nothing can hurt you or resist you. Always be watchful and pray to the Divine Mother to keep you spotless from all worldliness and egotism. Look to Her for help and guidance. She will make you strong and pure and inspire you more and more with Her Power. So Iong as Her love and blessings surround you you are safe.

Selfcontrol is gained through the practice of non-attachment. Attachment is a habit and can be overcome by forming a new habit. Hundreds of times you may fail, but you know that unless you learn control you cannot have peace. So practice needs patience. You must struggle continually until you become perfect. You must start just where you are standing now. You must not complain but begin where you are and move onward and onward. Even though you fail thousands of times, you must still struggle to overcome those desires and passions which disturb the Iake of your mind and do not Iet you see your Divine Self at the bottom. Do not think that when you fail, all that you have gained is lost. No; each time you rise after failure, you acquire fresh strength.

Do not be in a hurry; all that you have within will manifest itself in time. Work in moderation. Moderation is the only way to gain health, happiness and peace. When you observe this, then all your efforts will be crowned with success.

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