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Widsom Of Tulsi Das - The Incarnation Of Rama

( Originally Published 1939 )

Is there any whom success has not paralysed? who has effectually discarded vanity and pride; whom the fever of youth has not overcome? whose glory has not been ruined by selfconceit; whom envy has not besmirched; whom the blast of sorrow has not shaken, whom the serpent of care has not bitten, or whom delusion has not affected? Is there any so well seasoned of frame that he has not been attacked by desire as a plank by the weevil? The desire of family, of wealth and of renown, is a threefold temptation; whose soul has it not sullied? These all are Maya's suite; (illusion) who can describe in full her illimitable might?

Since Siva and Brahma stand in awe of her, why speak of other creatures? Maya's formidable army is spread over the whole world; Love and the other Passions are her generals, Fraud, Deceit and Heresy her champions.... This Maya, that sets the whole world a dancing and whose actions no one can understand, is herself set dancing with all her troupe like an actress on the stage, by the play of the Lord's eyebrows. For Rama is the totality of existence, knowledge,and bliss ... the Lord that indwelleth in every heart; the Supreme Spirit, effortless, passionless, imperishable; in Him delusion finds no sphere; does darkness attack the sun? For the sake of his faithful people the very god, our lord Rama, has become incarnate as a king, and for our supreme sanctification has lived, as it were, the life of any ordinary man. As an actor in the course of his performance assumes a variety of dresses and exhibits different characters, but himself remains the same, such is Rama's divertissement, a bewilderment to the demons, but a delight to the faithfuI. Sensual libertines in their dulness of soul impute the delusion to the Lord, like as when a man whose eyesight is in fault says that the moon is of a yellow colour. . . .

RAMA alone is absolute Intelligence; every creature, animate or inanimate, is subject to May. If all had the same perfect intelligence, tell me what would be the difference between God and His creatures? The creature in his pride is subjected to Maya. Maya with all its phenomena is subject to God. The creature is dependent on others, the Deity is self-dependent; the creature is manifold, Rama is one. Though the distinctions made by Maya are false, without Hari's help they cannot be dispersed, whatever you may do. The wisest of men, who hopes for salvation without prayer to Rama, is like a beast without tail and horns. Though sixteen fuII moons were to rise and all the starry host and the forests on every mountain were set on fire, night would not yield except to the sun. In like manner, without prayer to Hari the troubles incident to existence cannot be dispersed. Ignorance has no power over a servant of Hari; knowledge emanating from the Lord pervades his whole being. Therefore there is no destruction for a believer.

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