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Brahmanic Wisdom - Humility Unites Man With God

( Originally Published 1939 )

THERE is nothing stronger than an humble man, because an humble man, renouncing self, yields to God.

BEAUTIFUL are the words of the prayer: "Come and dwell in us." All is comprised in these words. Man has all that he requires if God comes to dwell in him. So that God may dwell in us, we must do only one thing: diminish ourselves in order to give place to God. As soon as man has diminished himself, God enters and dwells in him, Therefore in order to have all that is needful to him, man must first humble himself.

THE more deeply man penetrates into self, and the more insignificant he appears to himself, the higher he rises towards God.

HE who worships the All Highest pride flees from his heart even as the light of a camp fire before the rays of the sun. He whose heart is pure and in whom there is no pride, he who is humble, constant and simple, who Iooks upon every creature as upon his friend and loves every soul as his own, he who treats every creature with equal tenderness and love, he who would do good and has abandoned vanity in his heart dwelleth the lord of life.

EVEN as the earth is adorned with beautiful plants which she brings forth, even so is he adorned in whose soul dwelleth the Lord of life.


MANY imagine that if we eliminate personality and the love of it out of our life nothing will remain. They imagine that there is no Iife without personality. But this seems so only to people who have never experienced the joys of self-renunciation. Eliminate personality from life, renounce it and that will remain which forms the substance of life love which yields positive happiness.

THE more man recognizes his spiritual "I," and the more he renounces his material personality, the more truly he understands himself.


APPRECIATE good thoughts, your own and those of others, as soon as you recognize them. Nothing will aid you as much as good thoughts in the accomplishment of the true task of your life.

Be master of your thoughts if you would attain your purpose. Fix the glance of your soul upon that one pure light which is free from passions.


WHEN misfortunes befall you know that they are not due to what you have done, but to what you have thought.

IF we cannot restrain ourselves from committing a deed which we know is evil, it is due to the fact only that we first permitted ourselves to think of this evil act and failed to restrain our thoughts.

STRIVE not to think of the things which you believe to be evil.

MORE injurious than evil acts are those thoughts which Iead to evil acts. An evil act need not be repeated and it can be repented. But evil thoughts give birth to evil deeds. An evil act points the path to other evil acts. Evil thoughts drag you along upon the path to evil deeds.

FRUIT is born of a seed. Even so deeds are born of thoughts. Even as evil fruit is born of evil seed, so evil acts are born of evil thoughts. As a farmer separates good and true seed from the seed of weeds, and selects from among the good seed the choicest and guards and sorts it; even so a prudent man treats his thoughts; he repels vain and foolish thoughts, and preserves the good thoughts, cherishing and assorting them. If you do not repel evil thoughts, nor cherish good thoughts, you can not avoid evil acts. Good deeds come from good thoughts only. Cherish good thoughts, searching for them in books of wisdom, in sensible conversations and above all in your inner self.


SO that a lamp may give steady light it must be placed where it is protected from the wind. But if a lamp is in a windy place, the light will flicker and cast strange and dark shadows. Even so uncontrolled, foolish and illassorted thoughts cast strange and dark shadows upon the soul of man.

WHEN the light of your spiritual life is being extinguished, the dark shadows of your bodily desires fall across your path, beware of these dreadful shadows: the light of your spirit can not dissipate their darkness until you 'expel the desires of the body from your soul.


JUST as a candle can not burn without a fire, man can not live without a spiritual life. The spirit dwells in all men, but not all men are aware of this.

HAPPY is the life of him; who knows this, and unhappy his life who does not know it.

YOUR shadows live and vanish. That which is eternal in you, that which has reason, does not belong to the evanescent life. This eternal principle is within you, transport yourself into it, and it will reveal unto you that which is life and all that which is true and all that which you need know.

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