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Wisdom Of Kapila - Founder Of The Sankhya System Of Philosophy

( Originally Published 1939 )

Not in a perturbed mind does wisdom spring.

HINDU idea is this, that the lotus wherever it grows is beautiful and pure.

SUCCESS is slow; and not even, though instruction be heard, is the end gained without reflection.

NoT by enjoyment is desire appeased.

Go not, of thine own will, near to one driven by strong desire.

HE who is without hopes is happy.

THOUGH one devote himself to many teachers, he must take the essence, as the bee from the flowers.

LIBERATION obtained through knowledge of the twenty-five principles teaches the one only knowledge, --- that neither I am, nor is aught mine, nor do I exist.

SCRIPTURAL rites and forms are but works; they are not the chief end of man.

PAIN to victims must bring pain to the sacrificer of them.

SOUL is other than body; not material, because over-seeing physical nature, and because, while this is the thing experienced, the soul it is that experiences.

ATOMS are not the cause of it, for atoms have neither pleasure nor pain.

LIGHT does not pertain to the unintelligent, and the soul is essential light.

MIND, as product of undiscerning activity and as made of parts, is perishable, but not soul. It is an error to mistake even mind, as such, for soul.

ONLY soul can be liberated; because only that can be isolated, in which blind, changeful qualities are but reflected, and do not constitute its essence.

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