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Common Speech Faults

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The incorrect expressions italicized in the list below are heard so frequently that many persons believe them to be correct. Run through them, checking every one you are in the habit of saying. Then make a list of the correct expressions and put it where you can refer to it easily. You will soon accustom yourself to using the correct expressions.


1. Ain't I? Ain't you? Ain't he?
Am I not? Aren't you? Isn't he?

2. Aren't I?
Am I not?

3. He is the party I meant.
He is the person I meant.

4. I hate him worse every day.
I hate him more every day.

5. He don't, she don't, it don't.
He doesn't, she doesn't, it doesn't.

6. If he had of come.
If he had come.

7. What kind of a machine is that?
What kind of machine is that?

8. I'm sort of tired.
I'm rather tired.

9. I like these kind.
I like this kind.

10. He is dark-complected.
He is dark-complexioned.

11. Most all men like baseball.
Almost all men like baseball.

12. You would better go.
You had better go.

13. Don't blame it on me.
Don't blame me.

14. Use two cupsful of water.
Use two cupfuls of water.

15. I'll write inside of a week.
I'll write within a week.

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