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The Importance of the Bindery

( Originally Published 1930 )

There are three stages in the production of a printed article after the copy that is to be printed reaches the composing room. In the first stage, the type and the illustrations are set up or assembled into page forms in the composing room. In the second stage the forms of type are placed on the presses in the pressroom, and the actual process of printing is carried on. The third stage includes the bindery operations in which the printed pages are folded, assembled, and prepared for distribution. The chart which is shown on page 109 shows the steps that are followed in preparing a book or a magazine from the time the customer decides to have the work done until the completed job leaves the bindery.

The importance of the kind of bindery just mentioned lies in the fact that it puts the finishing touches on the printed article. This means that the workers have the responsibility of making the book, the magazine, the pamphlet, or any other printed article attractive and pleasing in appearance. Not only does the bindery have this responsibility, but it also must make its products durable so that it will be possible to use them for a long time. It is also important because it is necessary to have some bindery work done on each printed product before it can be given over to the customer. Therefore, it is needed as much as any other branch of the printing industry. Furthermore, the bindery is the only department of a printing plant which employs women and girls in addition to men. It is advisable that we learn something about the various jobs in this field of work so that all of us, both young men and young women, may know something about the industry when we begin to look for work.

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