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Renaissance Architecture In England

( Originally Published 1915 )

During the sixteenth century most of the building in England was of great country houses for the aristocracy. A form grew up, which was more Gothic than Renaissance, and it was called Tudor. The big houses and universities in this style are very handsome, and seem to suit the country where they are built. Two very famous buildings of this time are Hampton Court near London, and Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, the scene of Dorothy Vernon's romance. There are no more interesting buildings of their kind in the world.

Under Queen Elizabeth foreign architects were employed and much building was done. Gradually the classic forms began to supplant the Gothic, and, tinder Inigo Jones(1572-1652), a number of large and dignified edifices arose, such as the palace of Whitehall.

Sir Christopher Wren, the designer of St. Paul's cathedral in London, did the most notable work in English Renaissance.

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