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Some Noted Architects Of France

( Originally Published 1915 )

Claude Perrault, who built the eastern side of the great court of the Louvre, having for its face the famous colonnade completed in 1674, was both a physician and an architect. The facade towards the river was also built by him, although not roofed until a hundred years later.

Jacques de Gabriel was the son of an architect and assisted his father in many undertakings. Upon the death of his father in 1742, and at the age of 44, he became the chief architect of Louis XV. Every visitor to Paris sees much of his work, for he designed the Place de la Concorde, which du Maurier called the Elysian Fields, and the colonnades of the Rue Royale. Ile also rebuilt the Central Pavilion at Versailles, and built the famous Petit Trianon there. In 1755 he was en-trusted with the restoration of the Louvre.

Charles Garnier, born in 1825, was a famous French architect. He traveled extensively in Greece, Turkey, and other Mediterranean countries, returning to Paris at the age of thirty. He won the competition for the famous Paris Opera House, and finished the facade in 1867 and the interior in 1875. Another famous work of his is the Casino at Monte Carlo, Italy. He published many books.

Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, born at Paris in 1814, was both an archaeologist and an architect. At the suggestion of his father, who was employed in the conservation of public buildings, he made a journey through France and Italy studying and sketching the monuments.

He was engaged in restoring important buildings, no, tably the Sainte Chappelle in Paris and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. He it was who designed the central spire and the great altar. In 1863 he was appointed professor of esthetics at the École des Beaux Arts, still the most famous institution of fine arts in Paris. His lectures were not according to the ideas taught at the school, and the students refused to listen to him. He resigned his position but published his lectures. His fame as a writer is almost as great as his fame as an architect.

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