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Anecdotes Of Michelozzo Michelozzi (1396-1472)

( Originally Published 1915 )

Michelozzo designed one of the great palaces of the Renaissance in Florence, now called the Ricardi, and Cosimo de Medici caused it to be erected. An early account of this palace says it was the first to be erected according to modern rules. A description of the same time says that, in the first or ground floor, are two court-yards with magnificent colonnades, on which open various salons, bed-chambers, ante-rooms, writing-rooms, offices, baths, kitchens, all most commodiously arrayed.

In the year 1433, when Cosimo was exiled, Michelozzo, who loved him greatly, voluntarily accompanied him to Venice, and, when Cosimo was recalled by his country, he returned in triumph, and Michelozzo with him.

It was of this great architect that Vasari wrote : " If all who inhabited this world would consider that they may have to live longer than they can work, there would not be so many who are reduced to beg in old age, that which they have squandered in youth. Thus they will do what Michelozzo did, and not be compelled in their last years to go about miserably seeking the means of existence."

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