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Kuan-Yi-Wu - 500 B.C.


ALLOW the ear to hear what it likes, the eye to see what it likes, the mouth to say what it likes, the body to enjoy the comforts it likes to have, and the mind to do what it likes.

Now, what the ear Likes to hear is music, and the prohibition of it is what I call obstruction to the ear.

What the eye likes to look at is beauty, and its not being permitted to regard this beauty I call obstruction of sight.

What the nose likes to smell is perfume, and its not being permitted to smell I call obstruction to scent.

What the mouth likes to talk about is right and wrong; and if it is not permitted to speak, I call it obstruction of the understanding.

The comforts the body enjoys to have are rich food and fine clothing, and if it is not permitted, then I call that obstruction of the senses of the body.

What the mind likes is to be at peace; and its not being permitted rest I call obstruction of the mind's nature.

All these obstructions are a source of the most painful vexation.

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