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Toasts - A General Outline For All Occasions

( Originally Published 1901 )

The Introduction. The speaker's modesty or inability, the lateness of the hour, the merit of preceding speeches, the literary treats that are to follow, the character of the dinner, personal allusion to the president or to the audienceóbut not all of these in one address.

The Discussion. Here refer to the toast or themeóbe sure to put in a humorous anecdote. Make it as appropriate as possible, but don 't fail to bring it in. Get up a short controversy: set up a man of straw if you can find nobody else, and then make an onslaught upon him; but be sure he has no friends in the audience !

Conclusion. A graceful compliment to some one, a reference to an expected speaker, or a word indicating the part of your subject of which you will not treat, or give a very quick summary of what you have already said.

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