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Clothing Of The Etruscans

( Originally Published 1928 )

THE Etruscans flourished some centuries before the city of Rome was built, 752 B.C. The present section of Italy known as Tuscany corresponds to the ancient center of Etruscan territory. At one time Etruria meant all the land from the Tiber to the Arno. Excavations of the tombs have brought to light wonderful collections of vases made of red clay and coffin lids with figures in high relief, also many wall paintings.

From these we find that the principal articles of dress were the tunic and the toga, the latter wrapped with one shoulder left bare. Garlands of flowers were placed on the hair, which was short ; the face was clean shaven. Gold was used in profusion. Besides bracelets in the form of serpents, very long earrings, rings, breast plates, fillets, clasps, and vases for perfume, all fashioned of solid gold, implements of warfare such as helmets, spears, lances, etc., made of the same precious metal, were apparently common.

The curule chair, also the patterns of many garments worn later by the Romans, were of Etruscan origin.

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