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Advertising Failuer And Success

( Originally Published 1898 )

One man succeeds and another man fails and people wonder how it happens. It seems sometimes to people who don't think deeply that the weaker, duller man goes ahead, and that his more brilliant brother sticks in the rut at the first round of the ladder.

Slight differences in men seem to make a11 the wide differences between success and failure.

In games of chance (?) the "bank" has only a slight percentage, but the bank always wins.

Back of every result is a reason. Back of business success are earnestness, energy, persistence, concentration. Between these and achievement is advertising.

No man ever yet made a success of business without advertising of some sort. Maybe he didn't call it advertising, but it was advertising just the same.

Advertising primarily consists in letting a lot of people know you are in existence and what excuse you may have for it.

The nucleus of advertising is a sign over the door.

If nobody had ever put up a sign; the Royal Baking Powder Company would not now be paying out $800,000 a year placing signs in all the newspapers of America.

When a man goes into business he has some cards printed, and when he meets an acquaintance thereafter he pokes out a card and says: "When you're down my way, drop in." That's advertising.

The trouble is that you can't repeat the operation often enough—personally. What you can do is to put the card and the remark, more or less elaborately expressed, into a paper of large circulation, and have it handed to thousands of people all in one day.

The difference in men that makes one do this and another refuse is small. That is, it looks small at the start. It's like most all little things. When you stop to analyze it and figure it out to its ultimate result, you find that it grows into proportions of great magnitude.

An advertisement in a paper is a little thing, but it goes into thousands of homes, and tells thousands of people just what you most wish them to hear.

If the ad is an honest ad, it will always pay.

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