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Advertising And The Acme Of Success

( Originally Published 1898 )

No man has reached the acme of business success. Heights that we do not dream of will be attained by twentieth century merchants. I am one of those who believe that there is no limit to the possibilities of human achievement.

This is the frame of mind one gets into after looking at such stores as Wanamaker's in Philadelphia and New York, Siegel-Cooper Co.'s in Chicago and New York, Macy's and Bloomingdale's in New York, The Fair and Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co.'s in Chicago.

The vast scope of such enterprises, the magnificent system, the quick, alert, business wit that it takes to direct them—these give one confidence in future successes. Fifty years ago such establishments were not dreamed of. What will the next fifty years bring forth ?

These great stores owe their growth to advertising—to the diffusion of store news, for of what use are the finest stores and the biggest bargains if people knew nothing of them?

The science of advertising is in its infancy. It is growing in importance and efficiency every day. It used to be a speculative venture. Now it is a scientific certainty.

Speaking of Bloomingdale Bros., I understand that during the first week of a certain "sale" they had recently, they spent $15,000 for advertising,and that the estimated profits on the week's business were $25,000. Bloomingdale's wasn't always a big store. The brothers are both young men. The business has been built within twenty years; built by judicious, persistent, truthful advertising be built.

Advertising is merely telling people in a telling way what you can do for them. If you tell them often enough and in the right way, there is no possibility of failure.

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