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Advertising And Watching Sales

( Originally Published 1898 )

Every advertiser should keep close watch of his daily and weekly sales. He should make a schedule of last year's sales, by days, weeks and months, and enter against it each day's sales for this year, as they are ascertained.

If he sees on Tuesday that Monday's and Tuesday's sales are going to be less than last year's, he should put a good, strong ad in the Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning papers and keep up the treatment as long as it is needed. The same thing applies where only a weekly paper can be used.

That is the rational way to advertise—the way to make it pay. Don't merely occupy your "space." Don't say that you will use three inches double for the year, but make up your mind to beat last year's business, if you have to use twenty inches double.

Business is as susceptible to good advertising as the human body is to good medicine. You don't say: "Now, I'll spend $50 for doctors bills and medicine this year, and no more "—not a bit of it. When you get sick you don't dicker with the doctor at all. You say: "Get me well as quickly as you can," and you take your medicine like a little man without inquiring the cost. It costs something, of course, but it cannot be helped. It doesn't do any good to grumble about it. The question is whether you want to get well or not.

That's the way business and advertising should be considered.

Don't understand that I mean to advocate unlimited and promiscuous advertising—I do not, any more than I would advise you to fill yourself upwith a lot of medicine when you don't need it.

Judicious advertising may mean two inches or two pages.

It is bad to use too much space, but it is worse to use too little.

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