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Small Advertisement

( Originally Published 1898 )

A small advertisement is better than none, but it isn't so likely to bring profitable returns as a big one.

Sometimes it is expedient to use a very small space. At such times particular care should be taken in the preparation. If a small advertisement is to do any good at all it must be of a better quality in proportion than a big advertisement.

It is comparatively easy to construct a good advertisement if you have all the space you want to do it in. Skill is shown when a good advertisement is put into contracted space. Small advertisements can be made to pay, but they must be enetirly different from the general run of small advertisements.

It is so much harder work and takes so much longer time to make a good advertisement for a small space than for a larger one, that very often it would be cheaper to take more space and save the time.

There is a lot of money wasted in advertising, because merchants are too economical with their space. It is much easier to waste money by using insufficient space than by using too much.

One good advertisement is better than three or four poor ones. You might give a nail a thousand light taps and not get it into the wood a sixteenth of an inch. You would

' be just about where you started when you got through. Two or three, good, strong blows with a hammer would drive it clear home.

Use small advertisements when you have to; use big advertisements every time you can.

If you will consider the money spent in advertising in its proper light, as an investment, you will not very often think that the space must be reduced.

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