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Advertising During Dull Times

( Originally Published 1898 )

There are two ways of looking at advertising, both of them right. Advertising should be done during the dull time for the purpose of stirring up trade at that time, and also for the sake of the benefit which will come from being continually before the public's eye.

A man should just as quickly think of stopping his advertisements in the Summer or in the dull time after the holidays as he should think of closing up his store several months in the year, and keeping it open only when trade would keep him busy.

There is probably no store in the country that could not shut up for three or four months out of the year and be ahead in cash by doing so, but at the end of the next four months the gain will not be apparent.

It does not take people very long to forget things, and if a store were closed four months, or the advertising stopped four months, a great many people would have forgotten that the business was in existence.

The other view of advertising is that it ought to be pushed during the busy time when people are ready to buy.

Advertising cannot be expected to sell goods when people do not want them, and it will naturally be most effective when it gives publicity to some desirable article at just the right time.

To be sure, advertising will sell anything, at any time, if the price be made low enough and the advertisement sufficiently attractive.

Some lines of goods can be forced, and some cannot, but even those which cannot be forced should not be allowed to drop out of sight.

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