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Advertisomg And Passive Resistance

( Originally Published 1898 )

Intelligent stock raisers know that a certain amount of feed is necessary to keep an animal alive. They might feed that amount as long as it lived, and it would never gain a pound.

There is no profit in that kind of feeding.

The kind that pays is the kind that builds flesh rapidly.

If it takes twenty pounds of food each day to keep a sheep alive, twenty-five pounds a day will make it gain flesh. It is the extra five pounds that brings profit. The first five pounds amount to nothing, nor does the second, or third or fourth five pounds.

It is about the same way with advertising. You have to do a certain amount to overcome the passive resistance of the public. You have to do a certain amount of advertising to make them wake up to the fact that you are in business at all. You have to pay a certain amount to keep your advertising alive. What you pay above that amount brings profit.

Some advertisers fail because they do not use enough space. They use barely enough, or sometimes not quite enough, to make the advertising self-sustaining.

A little bit more would make it profitable.

It is better to advertise a little bit too much than not quite enough.

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