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Farming, Advertising, And Profit

( Originally Published 1898 )

Farming is generally looked upon as a very simple occupation. A farmer is considered an independent individual, because his business is safe and pleasant. Probably the most enviable feature is its safety. Farmers are nearly sure of making something. They make more some years than others, but on the whole it is a safe business. Just the same, we hear of farmers failing and of the foreclosure of farm mortgages. This is because the farmer didn't attend to his business properly.

Advertising is just as safe, and a great deal more profitable, than farming, but there are people who fail at it.

A farmer has first to look for a rich and fertile field—so has the advertiser. The field must then be cultivated and the seed planted—so must advertising be planted.

The farmer must take care of his crop, keep the weeds down, keep the ground properly fertilized and irrigated, and the advertiser must perform corresponding offices for his advertisements.

If he plants an ad in a poor paper, where the soil is not good, he cannot expect to get much of a crop of returns. If he plants it in a good paper and allows it to run to seed he cannot expect very much.

If the farmer and the advertiser will both select good soil, put good seed into it, and take care of the sprouts, the harvest is sure to be satisfactory in both cases.

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