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Short Talks On Advertising

( Originally Published 1898 )

Every day there are people walking around the streets with money sticking out of their pockets.

They are actually looking around for some place to spend it.

The man who reaches out with his advertisements and pulls them into his store is the one who is going to get the money.

His less aggressive brethren will get what he leaves.

Some of them may get left entirely.

Don't be afraid of using plenty of space, and don't be afraid to advertise special articles.

Take plenty of room to tell your story, and describe the goods, just as you would to a customer on the other side of the counter. Don't look too closely at the amount of space that the ad is going to occupy.

Don't think so much about what the advertisement is going to cost and think more about what it is going to do.

A ten-dollar ad that is effective is less expensive than a one-dollar ad that is not.

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