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Cheap Advertising Returns Very Little

( Originally Published 1898 )

Usually the things that cost the least are the most expensive. Advertising that costs very little usually amounts to very little.

A thousand dodgers will cost a dollar or a dollar and a half, and the boy who throws them into the ash barrels will cost twenty-five or fifty cents more.

The same amount of money would not buy much space in a good news-paper, but a little more money would buy enough space to tell the same story that was toll on the dodger, and it would tell it in a dignified and effective way to many thousands of people.

Figuring on mere 'circulation, newspaper advertising gives more for the same amount of money than any other kind of advertising. In quality, newspaper advertising is not to be compared to anything else.

To a certain extent the standing of the paper is an advantage to the advertiser. If he is using the best paper in town it certainly is an evidence of his shrewdness and enter-prise. And if the paper is one that is looked to by the community generally as an authority on the questions of the day, it will make people all the more likely to believe and pay attention to the advertising it publishes.

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