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Advertising And The Road To Fortune

( Originally Published 1898 )

There is no royal road to fortune. Every man who starts out to achieve business success must expect to find plenty of hard, uphill work on the way.

Advertising will not make a fortune for you in a day, but if done judiciously, it will pay handsomely in the long run. If the business is of a kind that can be profitably increased, it will pay to advertise it.

Money spent for continuous advertising is money well invested. Sporadic expenditure means waste every time. The tenth dollar that is spent for advertising makes the first dollar more valuable. Maybe the direct returns will be very slow in coming. It often happens that way, but they will come just the same, and there is no other way in which a business man can invest money so that it will bring so much profit. The only way he can lose the benefit of his advertising is to stop advertising.

Even then he cannot lose it altogether, and for a long time after he has quit he will derive some trade from it. However, if he does a little bit and quits, and then advertises a little bit more and quits again, he will find himself in the position of the man in the well, who climbed up one foot and dropped back two.

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