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Advertising - William Dean Howells

( Originally Published 1898 )

In a recent article by William Dean Howells he tells of a story which he says has influenced all his life.

The hero of the story is a young Dane, who was going up among the fiords to seek his fortune in the northern fisheries. Many times when he was sailing through the fiords he found himself locked in by mountain walls, with no apparent outlook. It seemed, if he kept on, that he would sail directly into the rocks, but each time as he proceeded he found some unexpected channel, which allowed him to go safely on his way.

Sometimes it seems that advertising is being wasted, that there is no possible way that it will turn out profitably, but if the advertiser will keep right on he will find clear business channels opening, and in the end will make a safe landing in the harbor of success.

A little advertising may be unprofitable when a great deal would pay handsomely.

Short-time advertising seldom pays.

That is the reason that ads in the many ephemeral, "schemes" that come to every business man, are never profitable. It is continuous, consistent, courageous, intelligent advertising in the best newspapers that always and infallibly brings good returns.

Persistence in it pays:

It's the man who gets scared and quits who loses his money.

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