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Advertising Rules For Success

( Originally Published 1898 )

The man who starts out to advertise with a set of cast iron rules has not much chance for success. If he says at the beginning of the year: "I am going to spend just $1,000 this year for advertising and not a cent more," he is making a great mistake.

It is all right to fix in your mind in a general way the amount you expect to spend, but to have a fixed advertising appropriation and to decline good advertising when you need it, simply because "the appropriation is exhausted," is a very poor business policy.

The amount of advertising necessary depends on the amount of business that it is necessary for you to do. It depends on the conditions of trade, and, to a certain extent, on the weather.

Sometimes $10 worth of advertising will sell $1,000 worth of goods, and sometimes it will take $50 or $100 worth of advertising to do it.

Advertising is business medicine, and should be taken in such quantities and at such times as it is needed. A man doesn't decide at the beginning of the year just exactly what he is going to spend for drug bills and doctors' bills. If he did he would wake up some morning toward the end of the year and find himself very dead.

Business and advertising are just like the man and his medicine.

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