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The Whole Advertising Story

( Originally Published 1898 )

There is no business or profession which advertising will not help. Some of the professions have been very slow to recognize this, but gradually they are coming to a realizing sense of the importance of publicity.

An eminent musical artist in Chicago recently published a pamphlet advertising himself. The opening paragraph states the advertising case as he sees it:

"This is a quickly moving age; the sensation of today is forgotten tomorrow; competition is keen and every one is anxious to keep before the public by some means or other; the appetite of the reader has been dulled, and to attract him again either new facts have to be adduced or the old presented in different form. What is the artist to do to keep apace with the hurried throng who are too busy to listen to his little song? He must either be content with the appreciation of the few, or to a degree unite some commercial element with the exercise of his art. It does not suffice that he considers himself great; he must succeed in impressing others with that fact."

The last sentence tells the whole advertising story. A man may have the very best store and the best stock in the world. His prices may be among the lowest, but he will not sell a dollar's worth unless he succeeds in making people believe that he has and does these things.

The greater number of people who know that a man is in business, and what he sells, the better his business will be. Advertising is the quickest and best way to impart this information. Newspaper advertising is the best kind of advertising, because it will carry the information to more people for less cost than any other kind. This is a fact which a lead pencil and a little figuring will demonstrate beyond argument.

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