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What Is Said In Advertising

( Originally Published 1898 )

It isn't so much what you say as where you say it. Put a preacher on a desert island and what he says will not have much effect. If he is in the pulpit, talking to 500 intelligent people, his words will have weight. They will do some good.

What you say in an advertisement, and how you say it, doesn't matter nearly so much as where it is said.

You might have the most attractive advertisement that was ever designed, offering the biggest bargains that ever were offered, and if you put it down cellar under the coal it would never sell a cent's worth of goods.

A poorly written advertisement, poorly displayed, in a good newspaper will do some good. Of course, a better advertisement would do more good, but the style of the advertisement must be thought of after the medium has been selected.

When you put your ad in the best newspaper in your community you are addressing the wideawake, progressive part of the community. You are skimming the cream. It is safe to say that nobody whose trade is worth much will fail to be a subscriber to a daily newspaper. Generally speaking the best newspaper will attract the best people—the intelligent people—the people who have money in their pockets to buy what they want and need.

Do not preach on a desert island.

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