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Momentum Advertising

( Originally Published 1898 )

After a ball starts to roll it will go a certain distance merely by reason of its own momentum.

The heavier and bigger it is the further it will roll. It may have been pretty hard to start it in the first place, but once you get it going a little push now and then will be all that is necessary.

If the ground is soft and rough you will have to push pretty hard. When you get to smooth places it will be easier.

The ball of business is hard to move in hot weather. The ground is more or less sticky and there is a great deal of friction. Still, if you push hard enough, you can move it.

In the Fall, when cool weather has made the road to trade easier and smoother, you will not have to push so hard unless you want the ball to go faster. If you do not push at all it will come to a standstill even on a sheet of glass.

Somebody has said:

"The time to advertise is all the time."

That is one of the smartest things that was ever uttered.

If you do not advertise in the Summer—if you do not push the ball at all—it will stop. If you do not advertise in the busy season, business will go on for a certain time at a slow rate of speed. But if you want to get over a good deal of ground in a short time, you had better push it along lively.

The best thing to push it with is good, liberal advertising in the best paper you know of, a paper like your own favorite, for instance. A peculiar thing about the road to business success is that it runs uphill —if you stop pushing your ball it will roll down.

There is no such thing as standing still.

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