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First Steps In Advertising

( Originally Published 1898 )

The first insertion of an advertisement very seldom pays. That is to say—if you have never advertised before in a certain paper it will take some little time for its readers to get acquainted with you, and until they do, don't expect much return. There are occasional exceptions; of course, but they are few and far between. It is the systematic, persistent effort that pays in advertising as in everything else. In taking medicine the regularity of the dose is almost as important as the drug itself.

For that reason the columns of the newspaper offer the very best medium for business announcements. For that reason, programmes and wall hangers and schemes of all sorts, from an industrial write up of the town to a picture card, are never effective. It may be well enough to indulge in a pretty novelty occasionally, if you are using all the space you need in the papers.

I have been a publisher of programmes and of other "schemes "—I have advertised in them, and in my whole experience on both sides of the fence I have never heard or known of a single advertisement in a medium (?) of that kind that paid.

The local newspaper goes into the house bristling with intelligence, brimful of the news of the world, sparkling with the daily doings of the community. If its advertisers are awake to. their opportunities it contains business news of value to every reader, for, it pays to read advertisements. Advertisements are becoming more truthful every day. Business men know that their news must be true, or it will fail—they remember the story of the boy and the wolf. I think it is safe to say that any woman who makes a business of reading business news-ads—will increase the buying power of her husband's dollars as much as twenty-five per cent. I am not sure but that the percentage is even greater at my house.

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