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One Time Advertising Payoff

( Originally Published 1898 )

The chances are that a one-time advertisement, or a very small advertisement, will not pay. It is only continuous, persistent effort, and effort that is strong enough to make an impression, that will be found adequately profitable.

Once in a while the one-time advertisement, on a special occasion, will bring good results, but not one time in a hundred, unless the advertiser has been fairly well advertised in the community before.

If the pier of a bridge is to be built in the middle of a river, the builders commence by sinking stones for the foundation. If they dropped the first stone and quit because they could not see it, the pier would never be built.

If they dropped a dozen stones, one on top of the other, and quit before the pile was big enough to stick out of the water, they would lose their time and their stones.

But if they go on, put in a good solid foundation and build up from that, they will in time raise a pier that will be strong and permanent, and that will hold up a useful and necessary bridge.

It is just so with advertising. The first ads you drop in only serve as a foundation. They do not serve as anything if you do not drop in enough of them. If you keep on piling one on top of the other, in the end you will have a pier which will sustain the bridge of business all the rest of your life.

The water of competition will waste away some of the stones, and they will have to be replaced, but once the pier is built the repairs will not be very expensive.

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