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Successful Advertising - Rare Exceptions

( Originally Published 1898 )

There is a theory that advertising pays. There are facts which prove the theory true.

All men who advertise are not successful, but, with rare exceptions, all successful men have been advertisers.

Advertising is the greatest of all modern engines for facilitating business. Beside it the telegraph, the telephone, the locomotive and steamboat are dwarfed. If it were not for advertising, these would not be used. Business would not be of sufficient volume to justify their employment.

The man in Chicago advertises, and the man in St. Paul buys-by telegraph, perhaps—and has his purchase delivered by the locomotive. But the advertising came first. It always does.

It conveys information, and an invitation to buy at the same time.

An advertisement in a paper of enterprise and honesty will place this information before thousands of buyers, either present or prospective. Count the cost of a suitable advertisement against the possible number of those who will need some special thing on any day. The chances will always be found on the side of the profitability of the advertisement.

Nine times in ten a good ad will bring more than enough in direct profit to pay for itself, leaving its great cumulative value clear gain. Half the time a good ad will pay an actual direct profit, but to do this, it must be carefully tended. Treat the newspaper fairly, and it will pay every time.

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