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Advertising Size

( Originally Published 1898 )

When a contractor is in a hurry to drive a long plank down the side of a new sewer he sets two men at it. Each with a big maul hits it alternate blows as often and as hard as he can. The strokes come as evenly as a pendulum swings.

One man and one maul would drive the plank down, but it would take longer.

The bigger the maul the quicker and easier he will do the work.

Two men, or a dozen, with tack-hammers would not get the plank driven in a hundred years.

There's a parallel to this in advertising. If you're in a hurry to drive your business use two papers and make the advertising maul—the space —as big as possible.

If you haven't money enough to buy two big mauls, only buy one, use only one paper—the best—and make the space big enough to be felt.

You'll do more good with and maul than with half a dozen tack-hammers. You'll get more benefit from a regular advertisement, of sufficient size, in a paper that is looked up to in its community, than you will from half a dozen smaller ads in a weaker paper.

If you have only one ad, have it right. You don't believe in cutting your store in two, do you? You don't establish a branch until you feel sure you are doing all you can in the main store.

Be sure you are doing enough in the best paper before you think of adding another.

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