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How To Succeed With Advertising

( Originally Published 1898 )

It is continuous effort that makes advertising succeed as in everything else. A business man doesn't keep his store open one day in the week, or one week in the month, or three months in the year. If he advertises in such a way, that is the impression people will get. It is continuousness that has made each letter in the word "Royal" before the words "Baking Powder" worth over $2,000,000. The owner of Royal Baking Powder recently refused $12,000,000 for his business a business built up and fostered by persistent advertising.

People are very forgetful. They have to think pretty hard to remember the vice-presidential candidate two campaigns back, and yet he was pretty well advertised at the time.

It has been truly said that the time to advertise is all the time. In business there is no such thing as standing still. A business man must go forward or he will fall back. Even if you do just as much business this year as you did last, some other fellow is doing more business and he is getting ahead of you.

Each year's effort should be to exceed last year's sales. The only sure way to do it is to advertise. Advertise in busy times because the iron must be struck while it is hot, and advertise in dull times to heat the iron.

It can be done.

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