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Originality In Advertising

( Originally Published 1898 )

Don't be too distinctly original in your advertising. Don't try to startle people with your wit.

The successful new idea is the one that everybody has unconsciously recognized for a long time. Don't get beyond the age. I don't believe in cute advertising.

It may pay in the show business. I've heard that it does.

The other clay I asked a theatrical manager whether he had ever tried newspaper advertising alone and unaided by posters. He said he had. Said he had tried posters alone,too,and that a combination was better, but he said: " Novelties and startling effects are best of all."

That is for theatricals.

Business methods and show methods must of necessity differ. A show stays a day, or three days, or a week. May never come again. Must get all it can then, and get it quickly. There must be a " hurrah " The more people are startled and the more their curiosity is aroused the better.

It isn't that was. in a mercantile business. That stays. The longer it stays in one spot the better—if it is properly conducted.

Show methods of advertising will beget suspicion. Can't have "start-ling reductions" and "bankrupt sales" every day. That doesn't mean never have a "sale." Have plenty of them, but find a good honest reason for each one and "fight it out on that line." Remember the boy who cried "Wolf!" and don't say anything startling unless it can be backed up with the facts. If you cry "Wolf!" let folks hear him howl.

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