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Short Talks On Advertising

( Originally Published 1898 )

Don't expect the newspapers to do it all. Look out for the show window and the cases and counters. When you advertise something of special interest in the papers, fill the window with it and have it prominently displayed in the store. Have some neat tickets painted and hung up above or near the goods.

Be sure all the clerks know what is going on, If I were running a store,I would make it the first rule that every clerk should read every advertisement every day. I would have them understand just what I was trying to do with each advertisement —just what the goods were and where they came from and how they happened to be so cheap, or so good, or both.

The newspaper is sometimes blamed for the ill sucess of an advertisement, when the real fault is right in the store.

Don't ever expect spasmodic advertising to pay. Don't ever let an issue of a paper you are using appear without your advertisement.

The day you leave the ad out will probably be the very day on which somebody will look for it, and, not finding it, go to a competitor. The last of a series is the one that sells the goods. A man may see your ad thirty days in July and not buy till the thirty-first ad wields conviction into his mind.

It's the last stroke that makes a horseshoe—all the others were merely preparatory. The shoe was not a shoe till the last blow fell. If that had not been given it would only be a semblance of a shoe—merely a bent piece of iron.

A sale is secured by the last word that is spoken—by the last ad that is read. If it remained unspoken, or unread, the sale would often fail entirely.

Advertising is the insurance of business, but you most keep up the premiums or the policy will lapse.

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