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Advertising And Knwoledge

( Originally Published 1898 )

Every advertisement that goes into a newspaper ought to contain some definite information.

People are hungry for knowledge. It is an inquisitive age. The advertiser who supplies the most pertinent information will get the most trade, other things being equal.

Every advertisement should tell the why of something. If a price is low—why ? If a quality is excellent—why ? If better nutmegs come from Connecticut than Indiana—why ? Give a reason for everything.

The small boy of today opens his drum to see where the noise comes from and what makes it. He dissects his watch to find the " tick."

Men are only boys grown up.

It is easy enough to make an advertisement interesting if one only thinks a little. The advertising of the future will always be so.

Advertisements are read more now than ten years ago, because they are more readable. The Wanamaker advertising in Philadelphia contains as fine writing and is as intensely entertaining as any other column in the papers.

Advertising is becoming more and more honest every day. It pays bet-ter every ;day. When people really understand that advertising is a necessary and legitimate part of every business, that it is merely a store bulletin, it will pay still better.

It is facts that people want. I have heard a merchant say :

" Oh, it don't pay to advertise, because people don't believe the ads. Mr. So-and-So always lies in his ads and people measure us by his standard."

He was wrong, of course. People soon find out the truth-telling place, and trade gravitates that way with absolute certainty.

Tell something—tell it true, and in the best papers—and it will pay every time.

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