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Dull Times In Advertising

( Originally Published 1898 )

A great many merchants cut down their advertising in the Summer. Some even stop it altogether.

In everyday life, when a thing is hard to do, it only calls forth greater effort. If the laborer can't move the stone, he gets a crowbar and a block of wood. He makes a lever—and the stone moves. If the crowbar isn't long enough he gets something longer. He doesn't give up, because the stone has got to be moved.

Same way in business. Trade is a stone. The funny thing is that the lighter it gets, the harder it is to move. It can be moved, though. You may have to have the lever lengthened. Certainly you ought not to shorten it. The best business lever is advertising—newspaper advertising is the longest lever and the quickest to move trade.

Dull times are the times to put forth the greatest effort and the most money. People don't usually ask for what they have already. Advertising is merely asking for trade. When the store is full every day cut down your space. Don't expect that you will get a big trade in dull times, but keep count, and you will find that the advertising was profitable. Profitable right at the time and enormously profitable after a while. The very fact that only a few merchants are wise enough to advertise in dull seasons makes it all the more profitable for those who do. You are there when others are not. It gives you greater prominence. It will make your advertising in busy times much more effective.

Common sense has a great deal to do with advertising. Think about it from a common-sense standpoint. It may take some "nerve" to pay out money for newspaper space when the business isn't paying expenses, but it will pay.

More than half the business houses in the country would be ahead if they could shut up for three months in the Summer. But they can't and don't do it. Why?

Simply because they can't afford to.

People would forget them.

Same way in advertising.

Think about it.

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