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Kishu Porcelain And Pottery

( Originally Published 1911 )

BOTH porcelain and pottery were made at Wakayama, and are known as Kishu ware. The ornamentation consisted of formal patterns in low relief, the intervening spaces being filled with coloured glazes, chiefly blue, deep purple, and yellow, though green and white were not unfrequently used. Perhaps the most common was a ground of purple, with the scroll-work in relief and some parts of it covered with torquoise-blue. Some very fine pieces had a rich green glaze marbled with purple with medallions in other colours. These glazes are amongst the finest produced in Japan.

The paste varied from porcelain to stoneware, and, like many factories, was sometimes white, sometimes a red grey. It was fine in texture, and hard.

Yeiraku's work was largely done in this private kiln, and many of the pieces bear his stamp. It is said that he made from five to ten specimens of any object he undertook to produce, that the best was chosen and the rest destroyed.

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