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All About Nuts

( Originally Published 1904 )

Nuts are the fruits of trees and shrubs which have the seed inclosed in a bony or woody covering, not opening when ripe. Some kinds are dupraceous, something between a stone fruit and a nut.

These fruits form the principal articles of food to many people in different countries. They are very palatable, full of nutrition, and easily digested. They form the milk, meat, and butter of the vegetarians, who are increasing in numbers every year in this country. We have generally overlooked the, nut as a principal article- of diet, contenting ourselves with serving them after dessert. They should, however, not be eaten at this stage of a dinner, for they contain the same ingredients as the dinner which has gone before, in concentrated form, and the generally resulting uncomfortable feeling that you experience under such conditions is really due to the fact that, whether you know it or not, you have eaten two dinners or the best part of two.

Like all foods nuts are divided into classes, and like other articles of diet they are nitrogenous and carbonaceous.

Among those containing nitrogenous matter are the peanut, pecan, English walnut, almonds, and hickory nuts. Black-walnuts and cocoa-nuts are in the other class, rich in oil. Some kinds, such as the chestnut, should always be cooked when used as food, on account of the starch they contain. The almonds and peanuts, which are used all over the world, contain all the necessary elements for building up the tissues of the body, and enter largely into modern methods of cooking, the principal uses being salted almonds, almond butter, etc.

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