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Coffee, Tea, And Cocoa

( Originally Published 1904 )

BEVERAGES are made and used for the purpose of quenching the thirst; and whether it be tea, coffee, chocolate, or any other beverage, it is really the water contained in them which quenches the thirst. Therefore, pure water is best adapted to quenching the thirst.



The coffee bean or berry is the seed of the coffee plant, which grows in tropical countries. It contains tannin and theine (called caffeine in coffee); the caffeine acts as a pleasant and stim. ulating tonic: the tannin is inclined to interfere with the digestion if taken in too large quantities. The flavor and odor of coffee come from the oils contained therein. Coffee of moderate strength seems not to be harmful-to any great extent 1,o adult persons, when taken in reason-able quantities, but should not be given to children, because it prevents the bodily tissues from wearing out to a certain extent, and children, who are growing, require a constant renewal of all parts of their systems. It stimulates the nerves and relieves fatigue. Much of the prevalent bad health, comes from the excessive use of coffee. There are many good substitutes for coffee, made of various roasted grains, which, while not so powerful in their tonic effects, supply an ample beverage, and are harmless to children, and, wholesome.

Coffee should be purchased roasted, but unground; and should be ground as used, as it loses its flavor very rapidly after being ground. It should always be kept in an air-tight receptacle. The coffee-pot should be thoroughly cleaned and scoured each time after it has been used. For the black after-dinner or filtered coffee have it powdered. It should be finely ground when making boiled coffee.

To make good boiled coffee use 1 tablespoonful of coffee to each cup of boiling water, regulating this by the number of cups desired. Put the coffee into the pot; pour the water in, and let it come to boiling point. Then stir into it a slightly beaten egg; boil for one minute, and set on a part of the stove where it will keep perfectly hot without boiling.


For this purpose a French coffee-pot is best. The coffee, to be strong, should be in the same proportions-1. tablespoonful of coffee to each cup of boiling water. After putting the coffee into the filter, pour over it into the pot the boiling water. Put the pot in hot water and when the water has all filtered through, pour it into the filter again.


The principal value of tea is the one sub-stance contained in it—theine: this is stimulating and pleasant, when not taken in excess and when the tea is made right. Tea also contains tannin, a bitter substance used for ink-making, and also .for tanning leather.

How to Make Good Tea.—Use only good tea; it is expensive, but cheap teas are likely to be adulterated, and good tea is economical in the end. It should be kept in an air-tight canister or jar, otherwise it will rapidly lose its flavor. Use only a china, earthen, or silver teapot. Boil the water quickly and use it only at that point and in a hot teapot. It should be steeped about five minutes. You should never allow it to. boil.

Take from 1 to 3 teaspoonfuls of tea to 2 cupfuls of boiling, water. Scald the pot first, and when you have the water boiling, put the tea into the pot and let it steep for three to five minutes. If you find it too strong, you can weaken it by adding hot water, but in doing this the water should be almost at the boiling point.


Cocoa and chocolate are products of the seeds of the chocolate tree, which grows in the tropical countries of America. -Cocoa for our break-fast beverage is produced by extracting, under powerful pressure applied to cracked cocoa beans, the greater percentage of its fatty sub-stances, and then powdering. -The fat so se-cured is cocoa butter. Cocoa-differs from tea and coffee as a beverage in that with the former we drink the powdered product itself, while in the case of tea and coffee we leave the leaves' and grounds at the bottom of the pot.


For this we need 1 pint of scalded milk; 1 pint of boiling water; 2 tablespoonfuls of pre-pared cocoa; from 2 to 4 tablespoonfuls of sugar. Mix the cocoa and sugar, then gradually stir in the water and let it boil for five minutes, then put in the milk, and cook for five minutes more. Beat with an egg-beater.

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