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The Art Of Cookery

( Originally Published 1904 )

COOKERY embraces a large variety of matters which call for the exercise of intelligent direction and control. It is much more than a knowledge of the actual cooking of food; one must know the seasons of the year when this or that article is not only in the market, but at its best. Economy, thrift, good digestion, and consequent good temper, are also among the subjects which the housekeeper must control. Then, too, a knowledge of the tastes and health of the members of the household offers no small part of complexity.

The choice of the menu for the day involves the recollection of preceding days, that the monotony of a too frequent recurrence of a dish may be relieved; for uncertainty in the daily diet is a potent factor in maintaining the family appetite. Much of the pleasure of the table is lost when the members of the family can fore-tell the menu by the day of the week. The arrangement of the menu is not a haphazard operation, and is not secured without much study and planning. There is a necessity of utilizing the beaux restes of yesterday, as the French ea 11 the " left-over," without duplicating yesterday's menu. Housekeeping is no simple art, even in the humblest homes, or in families of the simplest taste.

Success is impossible in all, or indeed in any, of the household departments unless the mistress rules. No servant can direct a household; and no mistress can rule her household unless she is well equipped in the knowledge of every detail of her servants' work. It takes a cultivated, capable woman to secure the necessary economy and comfort of a home. Not one servant in ten thousand has, or can acquire, that education by which a mistress is able to make the best and the most of her resources.

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