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Foods Of Vegetable Origin

( Originally Published 1904 )

WHILE the foods of animal origin, with the exception of milk, consist essentially, and especially in the simple foods, of albumen and fat; those of vegetable origin are composed of albumen and the hydrates of carbon, or starch and sugar. There are some fruits and grains also which are rich in fats, as the olive, for example.

There is another essential difference between the two classes of foods, viz.: those of animal origin are directly accessible by the digestive juices, while those not of animal origin have nutritive parts enclosed in cellulose envelopes. In cooking, these envelopes are broken and the contents exposed to the action of the saliva in the course of mastication.

We will observe the vegetable foods in this order:

1. The cereals; flours, and bread.

2. The leguminous grains; peas and beans.

3. The roots and tubercles; potatoes, carrots, and turnips.

4. Herbs and salads.

5. Fruits.

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