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Recipes For Cheese

( Originally Published 1904 )


No. 1. Prepare toast, dip in hot, salted water, grate enough dry cheese to cover the slices of toast, set in oven to melt, and put the slices together as sandwiches.

No. 2. 1/2 pound cheese; 1 tablespoonful butter; 1 cupful milk; sprinkle salt.

Stir all together till smooth, over a gentle fire or in a double boiler, and spread over toast.

No.3. 1/4 pound cheese; 1 tablespoonful but-ter; 2 egg-yolks; 1/2 teaspoonful mustard; sprinkling of cayenne pepper.

Stir to a smooth paste,-spread on toast, and set in hot oven for four minutes. The whites of the eggs may be beaten stiff, add a sprinkle of salt, drop lightly on the toast, brown in the oven.

No.4. 1 egg; 1 tablespoonful grated cheese; 1/2 teaspoonful butter or 1 tablespoonful milk; sprinkle salt and pepper.

Beat the egg, add the other ingredients, cook in a double-boiler till smooth and thickened, pour it on moistened toast. It may ,also be steamed- five minutes in little cups, or baked very slowly for ten minutes.

No. 5. Slices of bread; 3 eggs; 1 cups milk; 1 teaspoonful salt; 1 cup grated cheese.

Beat the eggs slightly, add the milk and salt. Soak the bread in the milk and egg till soft, but not broken. Lay the pieces in a pan, cover with cheese, bake or steam.

No. 6. 1/2 cupful grated cheese; 1 cup grated bread crumbs; 1 egg; cupful milk; sprinkle salt; sprinkle cayenne pepper.

Butter a baking-dish, put in the crumbs and cheese in layers, or mix together; keep some crumbs for the top. Beat the egg slightly, add the milk, salt, and pepper; pour on to the crumbs, add the top layer of crumbs; bake until brown.

No. 7. 1 cupful rice; 2 1/2 cupfuls water; 1 tea-spoonful salt; 2 cupfuls grated cheese.

Pick over and wash the rice. Steam it in a double boiler, in the salt and water, until soft. Butter a. baking dish, put in the rice and cheese in layers, pour on 1 cup white sauce; sprinkle over it buttered cracker crumbs, brown in the oven. Macaroni may be used in the same way.

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