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All About Butter

( Originally Published 1904 )

The rapidity with which milk undergoes a change caused man, very early in history, to extract from it the nutritious matters which it contains, and which are capable of being kept for a much longer time.

Butter is frequently adulterated with other fats, and especially by oleomargarine. The detection of these adulterations is often very difficult. One of the surest methods is to know whence or from whom the butter is pro-cured.

Butter that is badly washed becomes acid and rancid. Such butter is kept only by being heavily salted, which renders it unfit for table use. Its last resource is for cooking purposes. But it must be remembered that much food is spoiled by cooking with over-salted butter.

The cheaper grades of butter contain a very high percentage of water, and are not at all economical; for it hardly pays to buy water, even at the price of cheap butter.

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