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Canned Soups

( Originally Published 1926 )

62 Q. What are the various soups that are sold in cans?

A. Tomato Consomme
Cream of Tomato Beef Tomato—Rice with Curry Chicken Gumbo
Tomato Bouillon Mulligatawny
Tomato—Okra Split Pea
Chicken Green Pea
Vegetable Celery
Vegetable—Beef Clam Chowder
Ox Tail Clam Bouillon
Navy Bean Julienne
Black Bean Printanler
Cream of Corn Asparagus
Cream of Spinach Mutton Broth
Cream of Potato Green Turtle
Vermicelli—Tomato Mock Turtle

63 Q. How does Tomato canned soup differ from Cream of Tomato soup and Tomato Bouillon?

A. Different packers, of course, prepare their soups differently, but the following methods of preparation for these three varieties of tomato soup are more or less general.

Tomato soup is made from the juice and pulp of tomatoes, cooked down to about one-third its volume in the raw state, and to which have been added salt, sugar, corn and wheat flour, onions, and a few ground spices. The tomato flavor is pronounced.

Cream of Tomato soup is a mild, creamy soup, having a much milder flavor than the Tomato soup. It is usually made from the juice of tomatoes to which some cream has been added.

Tomato Bouillon is prepared from the juice and pulp of tomatoes to which beef broth has been added.

64 Q. What kind of soup is consomme soup?

A. This is a clear soup, made from beef broth and a combination of the juices of several vegetables, usually those of carrots, turnips, onions, leeks, and parsley.

65 Q. What kind of soup is julienne soup?

A. This soup stands between the light clarified soups, such as consomme and bouillon, and the thick soups. It consists of beef broth, small fresh peas, and shredded carrots, turnips, celery, leeks, and cabbages. (This soup was named after a French chef by the name of Julien.)

66 Q. What kind of soup is chicken gumbo soup?

A. This soup is made from chicken stock and tomato base, to which is added chicken meat, rice, and okra, also known as gumbo. The okra gives the soup a mucilaginous consistency and a peculiar flavor.

67 Q. What kind of soup is mulligatawny soup?

A. This is an Anglo-Indian soup, deriving its name from the Indian word "milagutanir," meaning "pepper water," and is so called be-cause it is seasoned with curry powder or pep-per. It contains thickened chicken stock and ground tomatoes, and is spiced chiefly with curry powder. A hot and spicy soup.

68 Q. What kind of soup is Printanier soup?

A. A vegetable soup, especially popular during the spring months. Contains carrots, string beans, turnips, and some fresh peas and lima beans. ("Printanier" is the French word for "spring.")

69 Q. What kind of soup is mock turtle soup?

A. This a dark-colored, rich soup. It is usually made of a combination of tomato and meat juices, thickened with rice flour and flavored with various spices and herbs. Contains small squares of beef.

70 Q. What kind of soup is Green Turtle soup?

A. This soup is made from rich turtle stock thickened with brown flour and seasoned with herbs. Contains pieces of turtle meat, usually cut in squares.

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