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What Is Honey?

( Originally Published 1926 )

296 Q. What is meant by "extracted" honey and by "strained" honey?

A. Extracted honey is obtained through the centrifugal method, by which the honey is drawn out without crushing the combs. Strained honey is obtained by crushing the combs and straining.

297 Q. Why is the color of some honey light and of some dark?

A. The color of a honey depends very largely on the kind of flowers used by the bees. Thus, if clover or alfalfa is used, the color of the honey is light ; if buckwheat is used, the color is dark. The light-colored honeys are usually of higher grade than the dark-colored honeys, al-though this is not necessarily true in every case.

298 Q. Is there such a thing as machine manufactured comb honey?

A. No. When you see honey in the comb form, you can be sure that it is pure and that it is the work of the bees, for the ingenuity of man has not as yet produced, and is not at all likely to be able to ever produce, anything nearly so perfect as the comb of honey produced by the bees. For many years there has been a standing reward of one thousand dollars for a pound of manufactured comb honey. No one has yet claimed the reward.

299 Q. Is there adulterated honey on the market?

A. If a jar or a can is labeled "Honey," you may be sure that you are getting the unadul terated article, for the Pure Food Laws are so strict and the penalties for adulteration so heavy, that practically no one would care to take a chance in selling a product as honey that is not all honey. Of course, this refers to labeled honey as sold in the grocery store and not to "honey" sold by unknown and irresponsible parties.

300 Q. Does honey deteriorate with age?

A. No, but it should be kept in a place where the air is reasonably free from moisture (where salt remains dry), as both bulk and comb honeys absorb moisture from the air and become thin, and in time sour.

301 Q. What is to be done with honey that has candied?

A. Any pure honey will candy in time. Honey that has candied can be melted by placing the container in a vessel holding water not hot-ter than the hand can be borne in. If the water is too hot, there is danger of spoiling the color and ruining the flavor of the honey.

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