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( Originally Published 1926 )

291 Q. From what is gelatine made?

A. Gelatine is of animal origin, being pre-pared from the sinews, connective tissues, and fresh bones of the steer by carefully regulated processes of liming, washing, extracting with hot water, filtering, and drying. It is not made from hoofs and horns, as is popularly believed, nor is it made the way glue is made.

292 Q. Is gelatine classed as a food?

A. Yes. It is an important and wholesome protein food. It is not only easily digested, but it also assists in the digestion and assimilation of other foods. That is why it is so freely used as food for the sick and convalescent.

293 Q. Of what are the gelatine dessert preparations on the market composed?

A. The usual composition is : Gelatine, sugar, tartaric acid, fruit flavor, and artificial coloring.

294 Q. Why is artificial coloring used in the manufacture of gelatine dessert preparations?

A. When fruits are reduced to their concentrated oils or essences, they usually assume colors that differ from those naturally associated with them, and for this reason the restoration of their natural hues is accomplished with 1 harmless vegetable coloring.

295 Q. Are gelatine dessert powders sold in larger packages than the usual small package intended to make a pint of jelly?

A. Many wholesale grocers carry gelatine dessert powders in 5-lb. cans with friction top covers, put up especially for use by hospitals, hotels, restaurants, caterers, and institutions. The usual flavors are : Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange, Lemon, and Cherry. While the 5-lb. cans are not, as a rule, carried in stock by grocery stores, any retail grocer can get them from his wholesaler.

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