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Zodiac And Astrology:
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Influence Of Zodiac On Development
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Influence Of The Zodiac On Development

( Originally Published Late 1800's )

The threefold division of man's constitution, as illustrated in the twelve signs of the Zodiac, has long been known as triune in its nature, such as spirit, soul, and body, correspondential in their relationship of father, mother, and son, and, according to the Hermetic philosophers, objective, subjective, and passive, or sleeping-the state of inertia.

The corporeal nature or animal soul of man is formed in the life of the physical body; hence man has his natural animal soul from the life of the objective natural man and of the human body, formed by man himself. The spiritual soul, or the Divine human, is the immortal individuality, which is formed by the Divine breath, Spirit, the Holy Ghost-essential soul-action from God, the life-principle of the universe in its localized and physical manifestation. There is no such thing as chance in natural and spiritual law. Every man and woman has a spiritual mission somewhere along life's journey, and it is for this mission God has created each individual.

From the glowing and the growing of the spiritual or immortal soul springs individuality. From the reason, mind, and will of the physical and corporeal man, and from the desires, appetites, and phantasies of the natural animal man, arise all the strifes in a human being. Hence men claim "life is a warfare"; and so it is-a strife of the immortal soul to ripen out, and of the spiritual principle to illuminate the man; a strife of the rational or intellectual human will, which becomes dogmatic, often intolerant; a strife of the animal man, with his desires, ambitions, and appetites. Life is motion and action. Not to do is death. Life is kindled only by life, and, like the waters of the sea, freshens only when it ascends to heaven.

There is a natural mind and will, which are driven and tossed about by the planetary storms and solar fluids. This mind is distinguished from the intellectual reasoning principle, for there is a mind more interior than the animal mind, which is the human understanding through reason and experience. This is also quickened by the solar fluids or planetary action, for it is the genius of the natural man. And there is a still more interior mind, the spiritual, which is absolute over all earthly or, planetary conditions, which glows and continues to ripen the divine human into celestial man, whose finality is angelhood.

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