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Zodiac And Astrology:
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The Influence Of The Zodiac Upon Human Life

( Originally Published Late 1800's )

The twelve signs of the Zodiac have always been supposed to represent the physical framework of man. This framework is but a vessel of breath, motion, and vibration, played upon by active thought-atmospheres, waves of sound and light, and positive and negative electromagnetic forces, in limitless activity.

For ages it has been known that man's physical body was influenced by recondite or occult laws, and that to this influence could be traced the cause of the difference between individuals, between the lives of the intelligent and the ignorant, the happy and the unhappy, the good and the vicious, the useful and the useless. The Greeks and ancient Egyptians fully recognized this truth and obeyed it conscientiously. Their children were the strongest, the handsomest, the finest in the world, and their propagation of the species, founded upon the observance of law and order, was the crowning triumph of the age.

But what of today?

Our so-called advanced civilization degrades the many to exalt the few. Morality is based upon legality, and marriage, which should be the holiest institution in the world, is often a deeper and more degraded prostitution than any other form that exists. The people who are intellectually honest and free from prejudices know that these statements are true.

To every thoughtful and sympathetic man and woman the spectacle of today is that of quivering humanity nailed to a cross, from which rescue seems impossible. Close to our very doors we see a great multitude of men and women-flesh of our flesh, blood of our blood-living lives that are one long agony. Whence is all this error and darkness, and where is the remedy?

Ignorance is the cause and intelligence is the cure. The lust of sex and the lust of money have welinigh destroyed the world.

Every child born into this world has the inalienable right of being born well. To produce unwelcome children for the sake of the gratification of a fleeting passion is a sin against God and humanity. It is time to stop. The people have been warned for many years. "The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine," and the grist bids fair to smother the world.

The scientists and philosophers of past ages, from the Greek Pythagoras to Copernicus, taught that the combined influence of the stars and planets marked the vast differentiation of animal man, and that to every human being is given in one or another direction a divine genius or talent. This genius depends upon the rhythmic harmonies of nature's universal orchestra playing upon the physical organism of man. Not to know one's genius is to bŪ governed and tossed about by the storms of life. To be able to embrace Opportunity is to live in the native sphere from whence all harmonies proceed.

The reader must ever bear in mind that there is no such thing as Fatality. These recondite laws act only upon the physical body, and are always amenable to the intelligent mind-action. The spiritual man is absolute monarch over every physical condition.

"Man is created only a little lower than the angels."

"Be ye perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect."

Much of the ancient knowledge in reference to harmonious companionship and the propagation of the species will be found in this volume, but, on account of the limit of the work and by the advice of wiser minds, the strictly esoteric has been only hinted at. But he who has eyes to see can read between the lines.

The inquisition of Galileo's time is not possible today. Light is gaining a victory over darkness. The true universe is being known, and dogmatism and prejudice are giving way to knowledge and tolerance.

The principles found in this volume are both a science and a religion for a better and a far happier humanity.


True polarity is true harmony. It is perfect equilibrium, perfect poise. The result of the correct action of positive and negative forces upon an individual is health. There can be no centre without the two poles-no north pole without a south pole. The power of repulsion in a positive requires the power of attraction in a negative to produce the working principle of Push and Pull, out-from and in-to motion.

The same principle of polarity or universal motion is found in everything. In fact, nothing can live without it. It exists in human beings, in animals, vegetables, plants, in thought, philosophy, religion, and spirit, in light and darkness, good and evil. This one great but simple principle of polarity pervades alike the natural and the spiritual worlds. Under this law, life and motion are identical. The law of reciprocity, the law of give and take, is the law of manifested universe. The law of spirit is the law of love. The union of the two is psychoplasm, or universal harmony. On the working of this principle is based the entire code of spiritual dynamics, which is Triunity. Again, polarity is involution and evolution. There can bŪ no evolution without involution. In every manifestation of matter or spirit there is but one great law-polarity positive, centre, and negative-Triunity.

What is our own Gulf Stream, flowing warm and tranquil through the heaving, restless ocean, as undisturbed and happy as a river gliding between vine-clad shores, but another illustration of the power and simplicity of polarity? The Ocean, the great resolute monarch, goes his way; the Gulf Stream, the cheery, warming, verdure-producing queen, goes her way; and so, while the great burdens of the world are carried hither and yon by our oceans, obedient to the law of reciprocity, the tranquil rivers glide through both our seas, bringing warmth and growth to those things which make the face of the earth beautiful, and so minister to the souls of men.

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