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Three Winter Weddings

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

A Christmas Wedding

The first girl lived in a country town and evergreens in the woods near by were plentiful. The wedding was a Christmas one, and took place in the late afternoon. Garlands of graceful ground pine were wound over the banisters in the hall, and draped over the doorways to hang down halfway on each side against the ivory white woodwork. In the living-room, two little Christmas trees, lighted with tiny white candles, formed an alcove where the bridal group could stand.

The table in the dining-room was decorated for a buffet luncheon in holiday red and green. There was a centerpiece of red roses, red silk candle shades shading white candles in clear glass candlesticks, and tiny green Christmas ferns scattered an the white cloth.

The menu had the same color harmony, and consisted of consomme, salted crackers, oyster patties, chicken jelly salad with green mayonnaise, salad rolls, olives, pistachio ice-cream in holly-decked cases, little cakes with green icing and silver bonbons stuck on top, and coffee, with green mints.

A Rainbow Wedding

The second bride lived in the city and had a rainbow wedding. The usual green of potted ferns and palms formed the background of decorations, but over the rounded archway which opened into a small alcove a "rainbow" of tulle - rose, pale pink, yellow, green, blue, and lavender-was an anged. Pink and yellow roses with green foliage were supplemented in the living-room by blue and lavender tulle on the vases. The six bridesmaids wore gowns which matched the tulle rainbow and they carried pink roses.

On the table in the dining-room was a bowl of pink roses, and from the table dome a myriad of baby ribbon streamers in the same varied colors came down at six points, and were held in place by six fluffy favor dolls, dressed in tulle to match the six bridesmaids, to whom they were afterward given as souvenirs.

The menu consisted of chicken a la King, small sandwiches, olives, Neapolitan ice-cream, fancy frosted cakes, and coffee.

A Colonial Wedding

The third girl, with a delight for oldfashioned ways, was followed by six maids in quaint Colonial gowns of plain or flowered silk, no two costumes alike, save for soft white lace fichus. Black velvet neckbands, powdered curls, and "nosegays" of small pink carnations in lace paper holders quite carried out the lovely effect.

The old-fashioned rooms were hung with smilax and asparagus fern, and in every window stood a pot of flowering fuchsias.

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