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Fall Weddings

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

A Blue And Gold Wedding

September and October weddings are always popular, partly perhaps because of the decorating possibilities of the autumn season.

Goldenrod and wild asters one thinks of for early fall. At one evening home wedding where this blue and gold color scheme was used, the stalks of plumey golden rod seemed to be growing naturally along the stair rail; they were held in place at the uprights.

The rooms were hung with blue and golden globes of lights - in reality paper lanterns -sheltering electric bulbs. The fireplace held masses of goldenrod, and blue jars holding wild asters crowned the mantel, the tables, the piano, and the wide window sills.

The bridesmaids wore gowns of yellow organdy and the maid of honor an aster blue costume.

In the dining-room a dull gilt basket of blue asters occupied the center of the table set for a buffet repast, and a bow of blue and golden tulle fluttered from the handle of the basket.

The favors were tiny kewpie dolls, wearing frilly skirts and caps, some of blue and others of yellow. The blue were for the men, the yellow for the girls.

Oak Leaves And Cosmos

When oak leaves begin to glow with tawny splendor, another girl celebrated her wedding. The house was a bower of rich, deep red and brown foliage, and the "bridey" touch came in with the pale pink garden cosmos that was used.

Cosmos made the background for the wedding group, and was arranged in feathery masses wherever it might contrast with the dark oak leaves.

The wedding was in the late afternoon, and after the sunset light had faded the pink candles began to glow rosily under soft pink shades.

The dining-room table was lovely with pink candle-light and pink cosmos as a centerpiece on a mat of oak leaves. There were pink and white candies and raspberry ice was served with the tiniest of pink and white and green petites fours.

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